Assessor's Office

I am normally in the office on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. However, on occasion I may be delayed for field reviews, etc., Therefore, to avoid a wasted trip, call 518-828-0368.

Additionally, if you have an address change, I am responsible to see that it is correctly entered for all future tax bills. Changes can be made by phone or email. However, I can not remove an owners name without substantial proof. Have a problem? Come see me. You may not leave happy, but, you wont leave mad.

Kimberly Cammer, Sole Assessor 


Tuesday & Thursday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. & by appointment.

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Exemptions offered in Greenport

All forms can be accessed by clicking on anything in blue


Basic Star -(under 65 yrs. old) income limit $500,000 - must be  primary residence

  • One time application in assessor's office – include a copy of Driver’s License
  • School Taxes ONLY


Enhanced STAR - (65 yrs. and older) income limit of all owners and spouse $83,300



AGED- (lower income seniors)- sliding scale 5% to 50% based on income -

  • must be  primary residence
  • Town/County income limit - $37,400 – Must include gross Social Security before Medicare payment deducted.


Disabled with limited income  - sliding scale 5% to 50% - renew every year

  • must supply SSDI award letter and income
  • Town/County income limit - $37,400
  • Hudson School  income limits-are the same as AGED Above-
  •  Renewal form



  • War vet  - primary residence
    • Town/County taxes -15% of assessed value up to $24,000*
  • Combat Vet  – primary residence
    • Town/County  Taxes – additional 10% of assessed values up to $16,000*

    Disabled Vet

    • Town/County  Taxes- ½ of the disability rating up to $80,000*

    Cold War - primary residence

    • County Taxes – 10 year exemption- 15% of assessed value up to $12,000*
  • Disabled Cold War-
    • County Taxes- ½ of the disability rating up to $40,000 *


Agricultural Exemption- available for owner operators and leased land

  • must be used for agricultural purposes and at least 7 acres
  • renew yearly - Gross Agricultural income verified each year
  • Please see link or call the assessor  for detailed information
  • Renewal form
  • Lease Form
  • Please call Columbia County Soil and Water District to obtain a soils group worksheet prior to applying 



Board of Assessment Review

Chairman Frank Shufelt

Robert Almstead

Guy Spath

Jane DeGenaro

Michael Torchia

All B.A.R. members may be contacted in care of (c/o:) Town of Greenport, 600 Town Hall Drive, Hudson, NY 12534